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Cage for AirTag MD4149
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1. Provides the universal way to mount AirTag on the camera to track devices

2. Sleek style, hide the AirTag effectively

3. Integrated with a 18mm through slot with 1/4"-20 threaded hole for fully expandable

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SmallRig Cage for AirTag MD4149 ,The Cage can attache the AirTag to the camera via two 1/4"-20 screws to allow quick tracking of the camera location.The sleek style can effectively hide the AirTag;  the compartment cover is made of PC to avoid interfering with the tracking distance of the AirTag. Using sturdy M2.5 screws to prevent AirTag from being removed quickly, so as to maximize the possibility of finding your camera.The AirTag mounting compartment has an integrated through slot with 1/4"-20 threaded holes in 9-18mm pitch, allowing for attaching other accessories in multiple scenarios. Also, the AirTag mounting compartment has built-in EVA pad to protect the AirTag and prevent noise from moving the device.

DreamRigger: Owen Hunte

Designer: Clara Oswald

1. After the AirTag is attached to the product, use the iPhone APP "Find My" to track the AirTag up to 10 meters via Bluetooth proximity
2. After the AirTag is attached to the product, use the iPhone APP "Find My" to track the AirTag up to 100 meters or more.
Recommend replacing the Torx screws with new ones after using them many times.
3. Package doesn't include the AirTag.


In the Box:
1 x Cage
2 x 1/4''-20 Screw
2 x Wrench

Product Dimensions: 40.0 x 36.0 x 16.0mm
Package Dimensions: 64.0 x 52.5 x 41.0mm
Product Weight: 23.0g ± 5.0g
Package Weight: 51.0g ± 5.0g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, PC
*Please note the import duty may occur, and it should be on buyer's side.

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